About Us

We believe news should compete for credibility, not clicks. Together on Credder’s news review platform, we can hold media accountable and accelerate the news industry’s transition from clicks to credibility.

Credder works by allowing journalists and the public to review articles, creating credibility ratings for every article, author, and outlet. We believe this is the only way, without censoring content, to establish a clear incentive for quality in online news.

Unfortunately, the relationship between news producers and news consumers is essentially broken. It’s not anyone’s fault, but at Credder we’ve taken responsibility for repairing that relationship. Today, authors and outlets focus on traffic metrics such as clicks, views, likes, and shares. These metrics are not aligned with the public’s best interest and lead to the sensationalism and clickbait we see today. With Credder, these same authors and outlets will now be able to measure exactly how they gained or lost a reader’s trust. We plan to make this a metric they can’t ignore.

We hope you’ll join us and other news consumers in bringing about this change. A trustworthy press is the immune system of democracy, and Credder is the immune system of a trustworthy press. Thank you for your support.

Meet our team

chase-palmieriChase PalmieriFounder & CEO
austin-walterAustin WalterFounder & CTO
jared-feslerJared FeslerFounder & Brand Manager
dave-stannDave StannChief Product Officer

Meet our advisors

patrick-leePatrick LeeFounder and former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes
adeo-ressiAdeo RessiCEO of Founder Institute and TheFunded.com
gabriel-snyderGabriel SnyderColumbia Journalism Review's Public Editor for the New York Times
jeff-bonforteJeff BonforteCEO of Grindr and former SVP of Communication Products at Yahoo!
lee-eptingLee EptingFormer VP of Samsung and Nokia
mickey-huffMickey HuffDirector at Project Censored and the Media Freedom Foundation