Actor Bryan Callen accused of sexual assault, misconduct
July 31, 202020 min read, 3959 words

Actor Bryan Callen accused of sexual assault, misconductActor Bryan Callen accused of sexual assault, misconduct

Amy Kaufman
Published: July 31, 2020  |  20 min read, 3959 words
As soon as she saw his name, Katherine Fiore Tigerman broke out in a cold sweat. Her shirt damp, she scrolled through the text messages from her best friend alerting her that comedian Chris D’Elia was being accused of sexual misconduct by scores of women on Twitter. She’d never w...
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July 31, 2020
Stacking the Deck
This type of article that is full of sexual allegations is hard to review. On one hand, it's clear that there was a lot of investigative work and tracking down of sources, but on the other hand it is very one-sided and based wholly on the testimonies of alleged victims and friends of the alleged victims. I do believe that stories like the ones the women are sharing should be told, but I also struggle with the idea of publishing allegations without any real evidence of a crime. I understand that sexual assault is a very difficult crime to prove, but I still think this article could have done more to clarify that these are alleged crimes without any hard evidence and that under U.S. law, citizens are innocent until proven guilty. I expect we'll be hearing more about this situation as time goes on.
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