The Prophet of the Revolt
September 18, 202032 min read, 6379 words

The Prophet of the RevoltThe Prophet of the Revolt

Published: September 18, 2020  |  32 min read, 6379 words
“Sometimes, by sheer luck, you are in a high place and can see the shape and character of the approaching trouble, while those in the flatlands have no idea of what’s coming. That was me at the global media analysis section of CIA. And I was not alone. A group of us were obses...
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Jan 24
I submitted this article because it is a credible explanation for the new populism and the idea of fake news, by an ex-CIA analyst. In less favorable terms than I agree with he explains that the elite always used to have a media and information monopoly. Their truth dominated. But with the internet that is no longer the case, allowing the non-elite to vie for the reins of power and contest the narrative that the elite used to be able to enforce without competition. A rare breath of honesty, I'd say.
Jan 24
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