Pesticides Are Killing the World’s Soils
June 2, 20213 min read, 698 words

Pesticides Are Killing the World’s SoilsPesticides Are Killing the World’s Soils

Nathan Donley and Tari Gunstone
Published: June 2, 2021  |  3 min read, 698 words
Scoop up a shovelful of healthy soil, and you’ll likely be holding more living organisms than there are people on the planet Earth. Like citizens of an underground city that never sleeps, tens of thousands of subterranean species of invertebrates, nematodes, bacteria and fungi a...
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Jun 2
I'm happy to see more deep research into this topic and learned some new things from this article, especially regarding how the EPA determines which pesticides are safe for use. I just wish the article actually outlined some of the ways these pesticides are harmful to earth-dwelling organisms and what the negative effects are if it's allowed to continue.
Jun 2
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