Boring news cycle deals blow to partisan media
June 29, 20213 min read, 621 words

Boring news cycle deals blow to partisan mediaBoring news cycle deals blow to partisan media

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Published: June 29, 2021  |  3 min read, 621 words
In the months since former President Donald Trump left office, media companies’ readership numbers are plunging — and publishers that rely on partisan, ideological warfare have taken an especially big hit. Why it matters: Outlets most dependent on controversy to stir up resentme...
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Jul 10
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Jul 9
This article provides data and relevant quotes that tell a picture of declining traffic to partisan news sites. This makes sense and likely rings true for many news readers, as the intensely tribal political and media warfare has died down substantially as Biden avoids the spotlight and governs as somewhat moderate. A well-researched piece, I just would have liked to have seen Axios use Credder instead of NewsGuard for their publisher-selection methodology!
Jul 9
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