Rick Santelli, Angry White Male 2.0
September 4, 20215 min read, 1073 words

Rick Santelli, Angry White Male 2.0Rick Santelli, Angry White Male 2.0

Published: September 4, 2021  |  5 min read, 1073 words
When I first heard that someone on CNBC had gone all Howard Beale, my money was on Bob Pisani. But, when I saw that it was Rick Santelli, there were no surprises. If you’re not a CNBC fan, describes the situation on the Chicago trading floor aptly:I spent a decade on Wall Street ...
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Sep 6
Shadowproof seems like an excellent resource, but this all-too-brief opinion piece about the 2008 financial crash is from 2009. Surely there are more recent editorials.
Sep 6
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