El Salvador: Bitcoin Day! How it went
September 8, 20219 min read, 1802 words

El Salvador: Bitcoin Day! How it wentEl Salvador: Bitcoin Day! How it went

Published: September 8, 2021  |  9 min read, 1802 words
Today’s the big day of good news for Bitcoin! I live-tweeted the day’s events in a massive thread. Chivo Wallet has launched! It then turned right thirty feet above the launch pad, and crashed into a lake. Having been there and done that myself in information technology, I’ve r...
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Well Sourced
Sep 8
This piece prominently features the author's voice and personal opinion at times, but it also meticulously breaks down the events of the day and other important context backed up by sources throughout. This was a very enjoyable read on a day that, although somewhat unnoticed by the masses outside of El Salvador, will certainly go down in history.
Sep 8
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Well Sourced
Sep 8
David Gerard has been writing on Bitcoin and crypto generally for some time, so he knows his stuff. This particular article is a good snapshot of Bitcoin's first day as an officially sanctioned currency by the government in El Salvador, complete with links to a variety of good sources.
Sep 8
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