Mad Online; Or, The Enemy of My Enemy
September 8, 202114 min read, 2727 words

Mad Online; Or, The Enemy of My EnemyMad Online; Or, The Enemy of My Enemy

Published: September 8, 2021  |  14 min read, 2727 words
In The Fragile Absolute Slavoj Zizek wrote of the Balkans that they’re “always somewhere else, a little bit more towards the southeast. . . .” Pundits seem part of a parallel phantasmagoria, pointing in the opposite direction: always northwest, closer to a summer sun than us; alw...
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Sep 8
Sep 8
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Sep 9
An eloquent and lengthy piece that is, at the end of the day, a book review more than anything else. As reviews go, it's excellent: undoubtedly of interest if you've read Noah Berlatsky's "Chattering Class War" or are otherwise familiar with his work. Without that context, however, there's not as much to sink your teeth into.
Sep 9
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