How to Spot Fake News With This Handy Tool
October 25, 20215 min read, 1046 words

How to Spot Fake News With This Handy ToolHow to Spot Fake News With This Handy Tool

Published: October 25, 2021  |  5 min read, 1046 words
Fake news is all over the internet these days, and can be hard to avoid. So, here's how you can spot fake news using Credder. Fake news is a serious problem. Hostile actors have taken advantage of the mistrust in the public to push multiple agendas and spread misinformation amon...
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Great Context
Oct 26
Although there are a couple of minor typos/mistakes in this article, it does a great overall job of explaining simply how Credder works and how it differs from top-down approaches such as NewsGuard. The two small fixes needed in this piece is 1) the CEO of Credder is Chase Palmieri, not Chris Palmieri -trust me, I'd know : ) and 2) Credder does in fact list the requirements to become a verified journalist in a separate link in the site's footer called Critic Requirements. But overall, a great overview of what Credder is all about and well worth the read!
Oct 26
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