Could Being Cold Actually Be Good for You?
January 3, 20228 min read1680 words

Could Being Cold Actually Be Good for You?Could Being Cold Actually Be Good for You?

Published: January 3, 2022  |  8 min read1680 words
Nobody likes A frozen butt. So when François Haman attempts to recruit subjects to his studies on the health benefits of uncomfortable temperatures, he gets a lot of, well … cold shoulders. And he doesn’t blame them. “You're not going to attract too many people,” says Haman, who ...
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Jan 4
Great article with a lot of researches about how cold can be good for human bodies. I liked the way the author put together different benefits of cold exposure, very interesting methods tested and scientific explanations. It made me consider trying some cold showers
Jan 4
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Jan 6
This is a great investigative look at the researchers, recent studies, and early conclusions around the health benefits of cold temperature exposure. I'm not surprised at all to see that the early findings are promissing, since I do some cold-shock therapy of my own and feel (anecdotally of course) much better throughout the day because of it.
Jan 6
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