Video: Alien Photographed in Montana?
January 6, 20222 min read325 words

Video: Alien Photographed in Montana?Video: Alien Photographed in Montana?

Published: January 6, 2022  |  2 min read325 words
A strange photo from a trailcam in a remote part of Montana shows a bizarre looking being and, by virtue of the location being something of a UFO hot spot, some suspect that the entity could be an alien. The very weird image was reportedly captured by Donald Bromley, who placed s...
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Jan 11
Balanced report suspecting that an alien was photographed in Montana. I'd expect more investigation for this kind of article, in general, but also because the thing in the picture looks a lo human for me.
Jan 11
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Jan 7
Although readers should be rightfully skeptical of any image that purports to have captured evidence of alien life on Earth, this article simply reports on the image taken and the thoughts of the individual who captured it. The article itself is balanced and does not overstate the image as conclusive of anything. With that said, they should have used the actual image for the article thumbnail instead of the more clickbaity image that appears to be a Hollywood image.
Jan 7
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