Trustworthy News for a New Normal
January 4, 20226 min read1188 words

Trustworthy News for a New NormalTrustworthy News for a New Normal

Published: January 4, 2022  |  6 min read1188 words
The past year has made it clear that access to accurate, trustworthy news can be a matter of life or death, as indicated by reporting on the pandemic, as well as the claims of election fraud promoted by Donald Trump, QAnon, and others, which precipitated the Jan. 6 Capitol riot t...
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Great Context
Jan 7
This examination of today's media and what we can do to improve the situation in the public interest is fantastic and extremely thoughtful. As someone who knows both of the article's authors very well, these two gentlemen know what they're talking about and have consistently warned us on where the ship needs to be steered to rescue our democracy and access to honest journalism
Jan 7
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