This Isn’t the California I Married
January 3, 202230 min read5957 words

This Isn’t the California I MarriedThis Isn’t the California I Married

Published: January 3, 2022  |  30 min read5957 words
Early in my two-writer marriage, my husband and I joked that we should add a silent third spouse who worked in venture capital or practiced corporate law. But really, we already had a bonus partner: California. The state was dramatic and a handful. But she was gorgeous, and she b...
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Jan 11
An excellent article detailing the realities of how we have to live our lives in California with the changing climate and fires. There were a few parts that seemed off to me, like saying that people would want to leave California for Miami, when Miami will probably experience it's own climate issues such as sea level rise. The start of the article also has a weird elitism in it, like suggesting that peoples connection to California is like a marriage that's gone bad, when for many it's more of a familial connection. Not the changing dynamics with a spouse, but rather a changing dynamic with a parent. Transplants might be able to easily say good-bye, but it won't be so easy for people who grew up here and who's parents grew up here
Jan 11
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