The enduring vision of Harry Reid
December 29, 202110 min read1998 words

The enduring vision of Harry ReidThe enduring vision of Harry Reid

Published: December 29, 2021  |  10 min read1998 words
Harry Reid, the former Senate majority leader who distinguished himself as one of the Obama-era Democratic Party’s premier political strategists, died Tuesday at the age of 82. Reid, who had pancreatic cancer, led an uncommonly colorful life for a United States senator. But despi...
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6 days ago
Ato some points the author includes his take on Reid's decision-making during the Trump years, but besides that bit of input from the author, the rest of the information about his life and policy decisions appear accurate and well balanced. Despite this story being mostly in regards to Reid's recent death, I appreciate that the author doesn't shy away from pointing out some of his more objective mistakes over the years.
6 days ago
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