Why You Need to Update Your Chrome Browser Right Now
June 13, 20222 min read309 words
Published: June 13, 2022  |  2 min read309 words
If you haven't updated your browser in a while, do so nowJaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesThis week Google released Chrome version 102.0.5005.115 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version “addresses vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affecte...
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Great Context
3 days ago
I followed the instructions and it worked. If I am able to follow the instructions without an hours-long catastrophe interfering with an update, that is proof the instructions were well written and ensured the most technologically awkward among us would have a successful experience.
3 days ago
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4 days ago
Great little article not only provides context of what's happening and why you should update your browser but also teaches you if you don't know how.
4 days ago
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