Doritos will reward you for turning triangles into chips
August 24, 20222 min read356 words
Published: August 24, 2022  |  2 min read356 words
Alexandra JardineDoritos is on mission to make everyone see triangles, in a promotional campaign that makes the most of its signature shape and includes a Snapchat Lens, Tik Tok challenges, out-of-home, a special Fortnite build and more.People can use the brand's Snapch...
Doritos will reward you for turning triangles into chips Read more

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Great Context
August 30, 2022
The article is about a marketing campaign by Doritos, announcing their online contest where people have to photograph triangle-shaped objects so that their Snapchat filter turns them into a Dorito chip; participants can win up to U$ 250,000 in prizes. The article is a thorough analysis of the marketing agency's strategy, mentioning all the different places in which they advertise the campaign.
August 30, 2022
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