Redfield Unloads on Fauci
March 9, 20236 min read1171 words
Published: March 9, 2023  |  6 min read1171 words
Smugness, deception, outright lies, and all manner of anti-scientific behavior are Anthony Fauci’s ultimate legacy.Pretty soon, it seems to us, a lot of rats are going to be fleeing the Bad Ship Fauci. We say this because yesterday on Capitol Hill we heard some devastating testim...
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Mar 9
This article is correct on it's reporting, but you can see the bias in it. They have factual statements in the article, but it seems very attacking towards the other party that they were not reporting on.
Mar 9
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Political Agenda
Mar 21
I believe that Dr. Redfield has told the truth - (based on my extensive study of the Covid Pandemic over the last 4 years). However, I don't like the Political Bias this was written with.
Mar 21
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