This Is Facebook's News Survey
January 24, 20182 min read, 345 words

This Is Facebook's News SurveyThis Is Facebook's News Survey

Published: January 24, 2018  |  2 min read, 345 words
Last week, Facebook its News Feed would prioritize links from publications its users deemed "trustworthy" in an upcoming survey. Turns out that survey isn't a particularly lengthy or nuanced one. In fact, it's just two questions.Here is Facebook's survey — in its entirety:A Faceb...
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January 24, 2018
An accurate, yet brief report on Facebook's newly implemented 2 question News Survey that seeks to crowdsource user trust in news outlets as a determining factor in how they rank and display content in News Feeds.
January 24, 2018
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September 30, 2020
Short but credible article pointing out the 2 questions survey that shows Facebook intent to start analyzing news quality on the platform. I'm very curious about the outcomes. I believe Facebook is already coming up with solutions and I hope they find out a way to present these "trusted by community" sources without making us more suspicious about our news feeds.
September 30, 2020
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