Critic Requirements

Critic Rating

The Critic Rating shows the percentage of verified journalists who have given an article a positive review. At the moment, the Critic Category is made up of journalist reviewers that the Credder team hand-verified based on the requirements listed further below. In the future, the Critic Category will be comprised of journalists that the Credder community trusts most, giving the Leaderboard’s Top Authors the ability to review as Critics.

Become a Critic Reviewer

To become a Critic reviewer, please make sure you meet the following requirements. If you feel you meet most of the requirements and wish to start the verification process, please email your Full Name, 5 Most Recent Articles, and Twitter Handle (recommended) to

Critics Should Meet Most of These Requirements

  • Recent work history as a written article journalist
  • Publishing frequency of 3+ articles each month
  • Credder-applicable topic coverage
  • Work for a publication with at least 2 full-time journalists on staff
  • Work for a primarily English speaking publication
  • Work for a publication based in the U.S., Canada, Australia, or the U.K.